Fall Update

big bear.jpg

Well, hey! It’s the bear at the coffee shop by my house! He is unamused!

I have fallen under the spell of Graham Greene this fall. Years ago I purchased The End of the Affair at a used book store and never got into it. I pulled it from my bookshelf and this time it was all shiny lights and confetti. The first person voice captured me — strong, decisive, yes, but broken and self-aware. Unrequited love, forbidden love, the best kind of suffering. God what a book, and his sacramental treatment of the ending? I’m thinking of writing something longer about it, maybe a think piece, but my guess is it has been done before (along with 1K freshman comp papers). So now I’m on to The Quiet American, who Blair Hurley and Matthew Specktor suggested I read next when I posted in Instagram about my endless love for Graham Greene. Look at me namedrop. Look at me.

I was happy to have my novel The Hummingbirds be included as one of the auction items in the Carnival for Sanity at the Hotel Albatross in Seattle earlier today. I couldn’t make the event but it sounded like a good one: drag performances, the Drop Shadows, bingo, trivia, and an overall gathering of people who aren’t really into our president. Jenny Hayes, a friend, a great writer, and a former Spartan contributor, set the whole thing up. Applause.

And finally, I’m neck deep in a new novel. Unrequited love. That’s all I’m going to say for fear of jinxing it.

More soon.